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One Month in Country

You know you’re no longer a tourist when you are in a gift shop of one of the most famous national parks in the world, and the only thing you are even a little tempted to buy is a Snickers bar! Once again I have made it to the Serengeti, only this time it was in a JBFC car and not a safari car. It was just a day trip; the gate is just about an hour from where I live. We saw quite a few animals, but it was a weird feeling to be there without my friends – especially when at a hippo pool.

Also this week, we all went to dinner at a Tanzanian staff member’s house, and it was lovely. The first I’ve been in since I lived in a village home myself! I’ve also been camping on my boss’ farm about half an hour from campus. It was a nice night with his sons and my coworkers. Plus his farm dog had just had 2-day old puppies! It was really cute, and a new experience for me to watch them nurse.

Last weekend we went to the Yaht Club in Mwanza that my boss partially owns the restaurant in – and it was ex-pat city. I don’t understand where all the white people even come from. It was really out of element for me, but we had fun nonetheless!  Had my first taste of Konyagi this trip… brought back some lovely, yet painful memories. I was really happy to wake up yesterday and spend the entire day with the girls – including getting my hair braided, and walking into Kitongo Village and buying some fish as an afternoon snack.

As far as work goes, I’ve had a bit of down time this week, but I’m working wherever and however I can. I’m using this time to research longer safaris, because Stephanie is officially coming to visit for almost 3 weeks, starting at the end of April!!! This also means I get about 4 days in Arusha with her, get to see my friends, and hopefully my homestay family. To say I’m looking forward to it is an understatement.

 IMG_2768Sakuma Dancers

IMG_2824Daisy nursing her puppies!

IMG_2831Camping Trip

IMG_3088Me and Lucy

IMG_2901 Hippo Pool




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  1. So glad to see you back blogging! Great you had a mini safari and have happy things to look forward to. We miss you but time seems to be going by quickly. Keep posting Nonna and the rest of us love it!

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